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Identify & prioritize the sustainability topics that are most important to your organization and your stakeholders.

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Inspiring organizations to be sustainable

We inspire organizations to be sustainable by translating complex processes into user-friendly software to create insights for your sustainability strategy.

How does it work

1. Analyze the current situation

Register your organization, and fill out your organizational details. This includes your current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, including themes, goals and core-topics. You can link these topics to the SDG’s, SDG targets and GRI themes.

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2. Determine your material topics

We automate the complete process towards the materiality matrix. From gathering data to presenting insights and taking required actions.

3. Gather stakeholder data

Determine your most important internal and external stakeholders. Import them into CSR Focus and send out the questionnaires to collect their opinion on the 30 material topics of your organization and the society.

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4. Use the materiality matrix

After stakeholders have submitted their data, CSR Focus will create the materiality matrix. The matrix is ready to be included in your organization’s CSR report and all levels of strategy. Analyze different scenarios and zoom into specific stakeholders to optimize your (sustainability) goals.

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The advantages are enormous

  • We save you time, money and energy by creating your sustainability report
  • The matrix can be used for internal and external alignment
  • Creating awareness for sustainability goals in the organization
  • More organizations can start reporting according the official standards
  • Focus on actually making impact instead of creating reports manually
  • Get ready for the corporate sustainability directive (CSRD) from the European Commission by measuring your double materiality.

CSR Focus supports you to realize your sustainable ambitions. There are many sustainability topics where you can be involved in. CSR Focus helps you to determine your most material topics. These material topics will help you to focus on the most impactful topics of and for your organization, your stakeholders and society at large.

We have created a tool that helps you to map and manage your stakeholders. We support you by means of a centralized and organized tool. You will be guided through a process to collect information from your stakeholders, to follow up, and to see what your stakeholders expect from you. You can also zoom in per stakeholder, or filter and sort stakeholders based on their characteristics.

Will you join us in our mission?

Right now we are validating the process and design to create a materiality matrix. We need your input and feedback to make an excellent product. Fill in your details in the form right to get more information.

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